Four Mages Rise of the Rune Lords

The Night of the Living Dead

The night started as most adventuring should NEVER start, a drunk brute being dumped in his bed. Beni wished he had the strength of an ant as the group quite poorly drug Theo up to their room. “Grief does strange things to people,” was all Beni could think as he rolled himself into bed and snuggled up with Crookshanks purring and trying quite persistently to get as much of his body onto Beni’s face as he could. Beni mindlessly said to his little friend, “It’s a wonder I get any rest at all with you always wanting to smother me in my sleep.”
It didn’t take long for the room to grow quiet as everyone drifted off to sleep. At some point in the night, time is so unclear when sleep is involved, the commotion in the room with Jir and the innkeeper was enough to rudely snap Beni back to the waking world. It all happened so fast, the innkeeper being incinerated by a hellhound and then a quasit appearing in the room. A quasit! This group truly attracts a lot of danger and unsavory creatures. How strange the last few days had turned Beni’s life. All he knew is he was not going to go down without a fight. No demon from the pits of hell interrupts his sleep and gets away without at least an explanation. Then the thought entered his mind, “What if there are others coming in or worse fleeing the building to alert whoever is behind all the cult happenings of late.” Beni raced to the window and then realized he was not even facing the front of the building. So he sent Crookshanks to the other window to watch the front of the building.
Then all hell broke loose with an elemental storming the room, going for Crookshanks, and before he knew it Beni had no other choice than to harbor his feline friend in his own body with a spell that was anything but the favorite experience of the poor cat. Then it happened. The very drunk Theo ran through the room in what appeared to be an attempt to leap out the window and in fact did nothing more than destroying all the alchemy tools Gale and Beni had on the desk of the room. Oh how the graceful are rarely the big fighters.
As the quasit tauntingly fled the scene, Beni leapt out the window in pursuit. At this point no fiend from the pits of any hell is going to get away with not only waking him from sleep but also the reason his alchemy lab is destroyed. The pursuit across town in the dark toward the crypts was filled with cool air, but that didn’t cut the ominous feeling of running toward not only death but the entire group running toward their end.
The crypt was eerily quiet. Too quiet. The door was ajar. Something was not right. As the rest of the crew, drunk bloodrager and all, arrived Beni had already gotten the sense that this was not going to end well for someone. Jir bravely went in to scout the crypt, and the rest of the group stupidly stayed outside as if to send the poor Halfling to his death. ZOMBIES! The gods be angry, zombies in the temple of Pharasma. That was not a good sign at all. How had they found themselves in this terrible fortune? Beni decided to keep poor Crookshanks hidden away rather than risk his small friend being harmed. He’d make it up to the little guy with an easy week.
As the combat went, Beni felt more and more unsure if they would be joining Selith at the funeral tomorrow as attendees or bodies themselves. The quasit seemed bent on their destruction. Then it happened. Jir went down, and Beni felt the first pangs of fear and doubt creep into his heart. He would not let his friend be the first to fall tonight. Rushing in rashly, Beni grabbed his little friend. Getting to safety, he was pleased enough to see consciousness come back to Jir’s face. Then turning back to the battle, it looked much messier than he had anticipated. Then it started, corpses began to explode as drunk Theo hacked and slashed his way through the zombies. Plague Zombies! Ugh. Beni just wanted to be asleep in his bed with Crookshanks snuggling up to him and the various tinctures and potions bubbling away in the night.
With the battle appearing to turn in their favor finally, Beni relaxed enough to think clearly and realise the bitch, the quasit that had brought this night to a screeching halt, would most likely try to run. Guarding the doors wasn’t enough. With help from her summoned shit-pile she still escaped. Beni had questions. Lots of them. There was more pressing matters at hand, however. As they investigated the crypts they found Selith’s body still at rest safely, and a zombie that had clearly been incinerated by Pharasma’s wards. At least the gods were good for something.
It was no surprise after healing and restoring the innkeeper that they all were asked no so kindly to find another inn to stay in. It was no matter to Beni. He had not made many enemies in Magnimar yet. There were plenty of inns to rest his head. All he cared about was finding a new alchemy kit and paying his respects to Selith who was clearly the focus of whoever that quasit was. Beni had lots of questions for his friends when the time was right.


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