Four Mages Rise of the Rune Lords

Beni Benraziel's Background

At dinner that evening Beni opened up to his new friends about his past, “This will be some boring old news for my little friend Jir, but I feel it is in the interest of comradery that you all ought to know a bit about where I come from.” He started in his usual matter-of-fact manner. “I was born and spent the first 100 years of my life in the southern mountains of Kyonin. My parents aren’t necessarily nobles of our race, but they are far from simple people. My mother hoped I would follow in her footsteps as a wizard, and my father had always expected I would become a great inventor like him. I suppose they both got a bit of their wish and yet they both have great disappointments in me. I spent my younger years diligently studying the lessons they both set before me, but the moment I was free from my lessons I ran out the door to relish in the wind and fellowship with the animals and plants all around where we lived.”
He was briefly interrupted by a mew from his side-satchel as Crookshanks poked his head out and insisted on being petted. It was obvious at that point to anyone paying even the most casual attention that Beni truly saw his little feline friend as more than a companion but a true equal. They both adored each other in a way that maybe only a witch can understand.
Beni then continued, “Pardon my distraction. Sometimes my little friend reminds me life is not always about the business and facts of the world. Where was I? Oh right, it was on my one hundredth name day that I decided to leave my parents and home to get a sense of the world outside of Kyonin. I really can’t tell you what drove me to decide that aside from an incredibly warm wind blowing out of the east. It seemed fortuitous that both the suddenly warm wind and my name day corresponded, so off I went like a leaf on the wind toward the west. I managed to fund myself quite well as I traveled from town to town with the alchemy skills my father had taught me. I have found that EVERYONE is in need of potions at some point, but the big change and surprise to me happened the day I met this little furball.”
After scratching under Crookshanks’ jaw Beni continued, “I was out gathering some herbs to brew up a batch of cure potions for a local cleric in Caliphas when I saw a rabbit dart out from the bushes near where I was foraging. I thought it was my lucky day to have rabbit stew and drew and arrow and my bow, but I didn’t hardly have the arrow knocked when this mangy looking fellow came bounding out of the bushes in pursuit of what had just become both our hopes of dinner. I instantly started to laugh at the turn of events and startled poor Crookshanks nearly to the lowest pits of hell. He leapt nearly 5 feet in the air, spun around to face me, and hissed the most threatening sounds at me. This of course made me laugh even harder as I lowered my bow and let the rabbit run its lucky day off into the brush. So there I was having this stare-off with the most ferocious feline and both of us were now one less dinner plan, but there was something deeper in the eyes of Mister Crookshanks. It was as if he looked right through my eyes into the deepest parts of me. So I held out my hand and tried to coax the growling little ball of scruff to come and say a proper hello. Needless to say he and I became fast friends. I gave him protection and companionship and he in return taught me how magick is far greater a force than just spells written down in old dusty tomes. Our adventures continued west from Caliphas as I learned more and more about tapping into the arcane world around me with my newfound friend. It was as if I had finally found my own path instead of taking the road my parents insisted was the one true way. Crookshanks has taught me so much about being more caring for the world around me. I’ve learned to only take what I need, leave the world in better shape than I found it, and always be grateful for the next meal or a warm place to lay my head.”
Beni trailed off into memories of his time with Crookshanks with a gaze in his eye that looked as if he was peering into a distant time and place completely inaccessible within the confines of normal vision.


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