Selith Vi'ir


Selith is 5’11", with light brown hair and green eyes. A slender build, he still has a toned body from helping his father in his shop.


Selith was born to a refugee of Numaria. A proud and accomplished blacksmith, his father, Jarek Vi’ir, married a local girl and started a shop. Becoming one of the premier stores, it was expected that Selith would train and inherit the shop. However, Selith’s skills as a blacksmith were mediocre at best. He did, however, show remarkable skill as a gunsmith, which he was trained in.

One of Selith best friend’s is a shipping merchant named Talik. He would often allow Selith to join him on cruises, which Selith would use to search for more information about guns and his dad’s revolver.

The one gun his father would never train him to build, repair, or use, was a thing he called a “revolver”. He said it was a dangerous technology, which could change the course of power in the region.

When he was 22, a group come from Numaria seeking an escaped convict. During their tour of the city, they entered the shop while Selith was out collecting a parcel from the docks. By the time he returned, they had murdered his father and stolen all of the guns, including the only revolver, in the shop. They had missed, however, his father’s first gun, which had been kept secreted away for Selith as a gift.

The group from Numaria didn’t leave, however. They knew there was another gunsmith in town, and spoke of “forbidden knowledge”. Taking the gun and some money, Selith stowed away aboard a friend’s ship and fled, vowing to return and seek revenge upon the Numarians.

Selith Vi'ir

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