Beni Benraziel

Hedge Witch


Unusually tall and lithe, Beni has dark, almost black hair; piercingly grey eyes that appear to almost be bleached of all color, and he moves with a grace that some say only elves have. He often appears to be quite unsympathetic and emotionless, but that is merely a product of his upbringing with two parents that were extremely devout academicians. His familiar, Crookshanks, is often the cause for Beni to break his stoic and curt demeanor. Beni has found little desire in explaining the facts of the arcane powers in his life. He merely finds a reverence for them and the natural order of the world around him. His lessons in alchemy from his father have proved to be a great asset in both making money and utility when combat arises. Being an elf from Kyonin he trained from an early age with the bow and excelled at it by the time he entered his adolescence, but his true strength is in his ability to channel the arcane into healing and restoring himself and his allies.


Beni Benraziel

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