Alistair Magnificat


Alistair Magnificat is a strappingly tall young man.  24 years old, 6 feet 2 inches tall, and rather well built.  His aasimar heritage shines in every aspect of his character.  His skin is quite fair, and he was born with golden hair that has a distinct white streak in the front.  He started shaving his head once he left home because it was just easier for him.  His eyes are the palest blue to the point that some would say they are grey, but when the moon is full they seem to liven with deep hues like the purest mountain lakes.  Alistair isn't the most graceful of men, but he makes up for it with his kind smile that could cheer up the grumpiest of people.  However, he has always been haunted by the spirits of the departed, so it isn't often that he is present in his mind.  Thousands of voices constantly distract him causing him to always appear on another plane of existance. 


Blessed by the goddess at birth, Alistair’s parents said he was born with a halo of gold and never once cried as a baby.  The Magnificats were humble and honest people, but in the small farming village where he grew up it was not easy to be different.  On many occasions during his childhood Alistair Magnificat was tormented by the other children in the village.  They often taunted him with insults and were even caught throwing rocks at him insisting he spread his wings and fly away like the angel he was.  They were only jealous of his beauty. 

By the time he was a young adult, Alistair was by far the tallest and most strikingly beautiful man.  It was like the sun was trapped inside him and radiated out from every particle of his being.  The torment he suffered as a child becoming only a memory; that memory, however, was never forgotten for him.  He let the pain of his childhood fuel a zeal for justice and mercy.  Alistair’s parents raised him to worship and respect Sarenrae, but that faith didn’t transpire as they had expected.  Alistair saw much of himself in the image of Sarenrae as they had insisted, but he also saw himself in more of the world than one confining faith.  He saw himself in the sun by day and stars by night.  He felt his heart flow with the babbling rivers through the countryside and crash on the cliffs of the sea.  His reflection was in the leaves of the trees and the flowers of the field.  He knew life was much bigger than devotion to one god, and so he struck out on his own to see the shrines and temples of the world.  Alistair wanted to know for himself that there was good in every living thing.

The night he arrived at the shrine of Desna he didn’t have much left.  It had been a long trek for him with the caravan he had followed on pilgrimage to the new temple in Sandpoint, and his own coin and food was nearly gone.  He wasn’t necessarily there for the same reasons, but it was nice to travel with people for once.  Too many nights he had slept alone, under the stars, looking up at the radiance he knew also shone from inside him.  So his offering that night was quiet prayers of thanks to all of creation for his loving parents, the generosity of pilgrims, and hope to live on in all of humanity.  He then gathered what few flowers he could find and laid them on the altar.  Alistair knew there was no greater beauty than the purity of the green things of the land, the stars to watch over him at night, and a heart filled with gratitude; and that assured him that Desna would accept his offering of flowers and prayers.

Alistair Magnificat

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