Four Mages Rise of the Rune Lords

Adam's Vacation Exploits 1

Mage’s Journal,
It’s been quite the last few days of vacation. The most recent township I’ve encountered is called Sandpoint. It’s going through a lot of political upheaval. I probably shouldn’t have stayed, but when I heard there was an adventuring party trading magic items through this town, I couldn’t help myself. The party has been deputized and is investigating a series of murders. I’ve partnered with them on the terms that I’ll get a non-weapon/armor magic item should one come up.
The party consists of a Half-Elf Barbarian (Theo), a Half-Elf Gunslinger (Selith), an Aasimar Oracle of Life, and a human (Gale) who I think is an Investigator. The party is fortunate to have me – I pointed out a few questions that they missed (somewhat obvious in my opinion), and saved them several times.
In our first real encounter, I flame arc’ed an attacking ghoul, blasting it back and incinerating it in one fell swoop! Furthermore, with that one action, I saved a number of dying victims from a lifetime as undead, and burned away cornfields full of ghouls. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how good I am!
Then, in another encounter at a barn, I bravely offered up myself as a distraction to the ghouls sneak attacking us (I was the first to see and engage them!). It was during this encounter that I was paralyzed and contracted Ghoul Fever, but all in my valiant master plan to distract the ghouls and protect my partners. They are SO lucky they are not contracting me through The Guild, it would cost them so much more than one wondrous item. They are getting such a bargain for my highly-sought after skills!
I’m trying not to hog all the glory, at times consciously stepping back and allowing some of the of the other party members to try and shine.
And mixed feelings on that barbarian… such a asshole personality, but so easy on the eyes…


Howe_R scott_haessly

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