Theoric "Theo" Killian


TK is tall and muscular even by half-elf standards. His sandy blond hair is set into a Mohawk style swept forward and anchored by braids lining the sides. His aquamarine-colored eyes brim with intensity that hints he could fly into a rage at the drop of a hat. He is otherwise quite jovial and friendly to look at, but tends to go after what he wants with impulsive aggression.


Theoric is a bastard child conceived when Margarite was working at the House of the Silken Veil in Riddleport. Using her skills to glean information, she managed to extort a substantial sum of funds for a home and status from her lovers to raise her son with clear goals in mind. She fabricated the claims of royalty to press a sense of destined obligation into him. Madam Pamodae warned Margarite her incomplete service would be a debt over her head until repaid, but Margarite still chose to leave and raise Theoric as something he wasn’t.

Margarite long intended her half-blood child to enter a life of diplomacy, pushing him into tutorships and music lessons. The proximity of the Mierani Forest brought plenty of cultural insights to Riddleport for Theoric to learn. Margarite often reminded Theoric that he would one day have to pay her back for he lessons, and steered the child toward diplomatic studies to pay for her dream life in luxury. Theoric was kept within the confines of the Windward District for most of his childhood, with his education residing with many of the scholars and sages accepting the youth’s stints of assistance in exchange for a hodgepodge education.

As Theoric entered his teens, he grew rebellious and angry toward his extorted life and sought escape in the lower districts of Riddleport. Actively seeking the best ways to rebel, Theoric quickly befriended the half-orcs his age and lived on the streets absorbing their culture as his chosen home in the slums of the Rotgut District. He struggled against his childhood’s magical tutelage that had unlocked more aggressive powers, but the orcs and half-orcs proved well suited in tempering his rage and outbursts into something constructive and usable. His best friend at the time, Cid Mondran, found them work with Clegg Zincher. The bromance began to grow deep between Theoric and Cid, eventually leading to true romance. Margarite grew increasingly furious at her losing hopes and expectations of her son, she sought to buy Cid from Clegg arguing he was causing damage to product owed to Madam Pomodae. Pomodae went along with the ruse, carefully manipulating Theoric to spend time in her brothel after the incident resolved. Margarite expected such payment would absolve her debt, which Pomodae harshly reminded still stood unless the boy chose to pay it. Theoric instead chose to cut all ties to his mother.

Early adulthood:
With adulthood quickly thrust upon him, Theoric did what he could to earn coin in his late teens. With the brothels still paying the best, he trained in the oldest profession in history and learned valuable lessons from fellow Calistrians. Eventually, finding solid truths in her guidance, Theoric vowed to be a follower within his first year at the brothels. When his service had been completed, he left the brothel and set out to find his half-Orc friends. Margarite refused to help him, claiming she sold Cid into slavery to pay off some of Theoric’s outstanding debts. Furious, he sought guidance from Calistria and finally understood the long game that Madam Pomodae allowed to play out. He retaliated by selling everything his mother owned, and donating all of his mothers savings and liquidated assets back to the Silken Veil. With his remaining inherited and unknown debts paid and his home now ransacked and picked over, he left ┬áRiddleport to find Cid Mondran.

The previous year of his life, Theoric travelled to Magnimar, finding life a bit harder as a half-elf so far away from home. He befriended another Calistrian courtesan there; a human harrower by the name of Andri Zephyr. Their friendship was not deeply valued by Theoric at first, believing when either man felt time to move on from Magnimar that the two would grow apart. To Theoric’s surprise, Andri chose to follow Theoric to Sandpoint when the time came. Seeing the friendship differently, Theoric and Andri have made Sandpoint their new home, as Theoric continues searching for clues or evidence of what happened to Cid. Theoric, with his roommate Andri, has spent six months in Sandpoint available to anyone with enough coin to by his muscle or his bed.

Theoric "Theo" Killian

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