Andri Zephyr

Varisian Witch


As far back as history can remember Andri Zephyr’s people wandered the lands like the winds. His family, a strong matriarchy among the Varisian, have been practitioners of magick. The first male born for six generations, Andri is no exception. He was raised by many powerful women, but none more powerful than his grandmother. She had 6 daughters in pursuit of fulfilling a prophecy foretelling that the sixth child would be a boy that would do great things among his people. She was not the first woman in his family in pursuit of that prophecy, but now she and her daughters are the ones to see it come to fruition.

His mother named him after the warm westerly wind that blew the day he was born. She knew it was a sign of blessing. From an early age Andri showed a knack for reading the Harrow, and his grandmother nurtured his gift as a Harrower. Being surrounded by women his entire life he learned the power of the label witch, and wholly embraced it as his own. His grandmother gave him his first Harrow deck but she gave him a fair warning that if he ever lost a card from the deck it would be worthless. He knew then that he would have to be able to make his own deck so he studied the cards til he knew them better than the faces of his own family. When he was bored he would sketch them on spare scraps of paper continually learning new insights into the wisdom of the Harrow.

A few months after Andri turned 18 his family’s caravan was near Magnimar when the Harrow gave him a disturbing message. He was to leave his mother, aunts, and grandmother or one by one they would succumb to misfortune. The Harrow had never brought him such a dark and sinister message, so he took it very seriously. The Harrow had never misguided him. Through many tears and embraces Andri left them for the “comforts” of the Calistrian temple.

It wasn’t easy at first for Andri to live in one place, but he quickly found his talents as a Harrower and his strikingly good looks were more than enough to keep him living quite lavishly. He of course wasn’t set up in a shop as a Harrower. He read the cards for most of his wealthy clients behind closed doors. Him being a courtesan was a great front for keeping his Harrow practice alive and well. Before long his reputation among the wealthy men of Magnimar as a skilled Harrower was all he needed to keep the coin in his pocket, the food in his stomach, and some of the finest clothes on his back. Andri was good at playing it off as gifts from his family. They were after all well-known witches of Varisia who would never let a young man of the family starve. Andri was not selfish with his earnings. He helped many of the other courtesans at the temple and donated more than most to keeping the place running and in good reputation with the people of Magnimar. You could say Andri found himself as a bit of a benefactor of Calistria as well as a courtesan. He liked the work as a courtesan, though. The money was a welcome bonus.

When Theoric came to Magnimar and spoke to Andri about his quest to avenge his love and turn his back on his mother, Andri was reminded of his family he left at the behest of the Harrow. Theoric’s stories of searching and passion began to stir a restlessness in Andri, so when the day came he didn’t think twice about leaving Magnimar for the road. To travel like the wind again was refreshing to the boy born on the wind. He knew they’d never starve because of the gifts Calistria and the Harrow had given him.

Andri Zephyr

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